The Growing Role of Cybersecurity in the HR Sector

Discover HR’s expanding role in cybersecurity, focusing on workforce protection, data security, and fostering a security-first culture in today's digital age.

The Growing Role of Cybersecurity in the HR Sector

Table of contents.
Introduction: The Growing Importance of Data Security and Privacy in HR Tech
2. Developing Cybersecurity Competencies in the Workforce
3. Collaborating and Partnering for Cyber Risk Management Initiatives


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In technology, the importance of cyber security cannot be emphasized, especially as firms increasingly rely on AI and machine learning to handle their daily business operations. However, if used carelessly and without security procedures, users are more likely to become victims of cyber threats and data breaches.

Although the duty for protecting essential organizational assets from multiple security risks falls on the company's chief information and security officers (CISOs) and chief security officers (CSOs), the human resources (HR) department also plays an important role in this respect. As a result, HR specialists with expertise in human management, organizational behavior, and company culture can play an important role in strengthening cybersecurity teams and establishing insider threat programs.


In today's AI TechPark article, we'll look at how HR can improve workplace data security to ensure employee and data safety while also developing a cyber-aware atmosphere.

1. The Growing Importance of Data Security and Privacy in the HR Tech Industry.

HR professionals have long been held accountable for providing regulatory compliance training, particularly given the complexities of working with a treasure mine of sensitive information that has enormous value and serves as the foundation for effective personnel management and organizational growth. As a result, the liability for poor data security results in a data breach, which can result in significant fines and legal action. To prevent unwanted access, the hour need regulations governing data acquisition, consumption, and storage.


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