The Benefits of Doing Business as per Astrology

Business is all about leading people, strategizing, and also about choosing the right stream of business that is both novel as well as profitable.

Business is all about leading people, strategizing, and also about choosing the right stream of business that is both novel as well as profitable.  While a strong Mercury, helps us network efficiently     and promote products. Jupiter attracts good prospects, whereas Venus can lend an appealing look to your products. Mars makes us lucky with taking risks and gives us a go getter attitude that leads to success. In astrology, the 11th House stands in for gains and revenue, whereas the 2nd House represents money and belongings. Positive connections between these two houses suggest the possibility of your financial success. Let us study the business Yoga in kundli that actually bestow the benefits from business ventures, astrologically speaking.

Business Yog in Kundli

·        If Mercury’s aspect falls on 1st, 3rd, 7th or the 10th house, the native will do business along the lines of management, accounting, trade, and business.

·        Successful business tycoons are born when their 7th lord occupies the 11th house, 11th lord in the 9th, and 9th lord in the 2nd.

·        Generally, if benefics are situated in the 10th without being debilitated, is a great sign for succeeding in business.

·        A strong Saturn placed especially in own house, in exaltation and Kendra, aspecting sun and moon or the 10th house,gives the native a business yog in kundli.  

·        In kendraditya yoga, where Jupiter is in the 10th house, the business will thrive and will prosperous. Budhaditya yoga in the tenth, will create Lakshmi Narayana Yoga and these natives enjoy flourishing business.

·        If exalted Mars is in Kendra, a person profits through overseas business.

·        If a combination of Jupiter and Sun or Moon and Jupiter are seen in the 10th house, it results in comforts galore for the native.

·        Exalted Saturn in 10th house paves the way for the native to step into ancestral business. If the lord of the 7th occupies the 2nd house, he may continue family business.

·        A person succeeds in business due to his own efforts if the lord of the 7th is in 3rd.

·        When the   lord of the 2nd is positioned in the 11th house, creates a yoga for achieving great wealth.

·        Jupiter’s placement in the 2nd or the 6th house can strengthen the chance of success in business for a native.

·        If Mercury, as 10th lord, is in 11th house, a person succeeds in business

·        Jupiter and Venus conjoined in the 11th or 9th house gives rise to phenomenal success in business.

·        The placement of Moon in 2nd, 4th, or 7th houses bestows gains in business to the native.

·        Business will thrive if Jupiter, Mars or Sun aspect the tenth.

Astrological Remedies to grow Business

Let us see which astrological remedies to grow business are actually potent and effective. Astrological remedies to grow business are as follows:

·        You might have seen all the huge shops having a worshipped photo of Lord Ganesha with Goddess Lakshmi.  You are right. Lakshmi and Ganesha worship if extremely important if you want to achieve business success,

·   Om Adityaaya vidmahe Prabhakaraaya  dheemahi| tanno suryah prachodayat ||

Worshipping the ultimate planetary benefactor, the Sun or Aditya goes a long way in helping you achieve success in life.  Reciting Aditya Hrudaya regularly at a at a particular time is a great way of achieving success in the business. Suryashtaka is another prayer that helps the business immensely.

· Apart from Surya, it is Lord Shiva who should be worshipped in earnest for business success. Rudrabhishek is the best for solving problems in business.  Regular Rudrabhishek achieves dividends.


Let us see how a use the services of a business astrologer to help augment your business and profits.

Business Astrology Consultation:  How does it help?

Starting a business is easier compared to the process of establishing it. Problems really occur when you are trying create an identity for your brand.  Businessmen seek the opinion of astrologers to give their business a name and logo.  An able astrologer with expertise in business astrology can help you go to great lengths to achieve that goal. He may offer you reports that contain the key to your business success, the remedial measures, through offline or online modes.  He can also arrange a pandit to meet all your ritualistic needs for rectifying the planetary defects. This is why meeting an astrologer for a business prediction consultation is very important for your business success.

In Conclusion

The tenth house is a major determinant of your career path and spells success in business if the planetary arrangement is conducive. Dasha or planetary cycles can be referred to while predicting significant business events. Business Astrology is all about Yogas in your Kundli, which, in different planetay combinations can help your business, look up and expand in a positive direction. Mumbai Astro astrological point of view, these are the clues to how Astrology assists the business in its multifarious ways.

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