Top 10 Article Submission Sites in India, USA “2024”

In this post, we'll explore the top 10 article submission sites in India, detailing their key features

Top 10 Article Submission Sites in India, USA “2024”

High-quality backlinks are the backbone of any successful SEO strategy, helping websites to climb the search engine rankings and driving organic traffic. One popular method of acquiring these links is through article submission sites—platforms where writers can publish their work and attach a link back to their website. In the USA, these platforms are particularly influential, as they attract a significant amount of traffic and attention from both readers and search engines.

For SEO professionals, navigating the sea of article submission sites can be overwhelming. However, with the right knowledge, you can turn them into powerful tools for your SEO arsenal. In this post, we'll explore the top 10 article submission sites in India, detailing their key features, benefits, and how you can leverage them to boost your SEO efforts.

Disclaimer: Before you start submitting articles, always ensure you're adhering to the guidelines and best practices of each site and the wider SEO community. The goal is quality over quantity; one authoritative backlink from a respected site can do more for your SEO than a dozen low-quality links.


The Hub for High-Quality Content and Community Engagement

Aboutsoul is a robust platform that encourages writers to share their expertise, insights, and stories. The site's articles often rank well in search engines due to their SEO-friendly structure and the quality of content posted.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

aboutsoul is offers the potential for multiple backlinks to the same domain and their do-follow nature allows for the transfer of PageRank from the site to yours.


The Pioneer of Article Submission

HubPages is one of the oldest and most well-established article submission sites. It has a large readership and a reputation for high editorial standards.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

By becoming an 'Expert Author,' you can build credibility and earn a large number of high-quality backlinks to your website.


Your How-to Articles Go a Long Way

justpaste is a niche-specific article submission site dedicated to 'how-to' content. It's ideal for sharing practical knowledge and actionable advice.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

justpaste has a strong history of ranking well in search engines. A well-optimized, informative article posted here can generate considerable organic traffic and quality backlinks.


Where Ideas and Perspectives Matter

Medium has become a home for thought-provoking, long-form content. While the platform may limit overly promotional content, it's a great place for sharing meaningful stories and insights.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

Despite its no-follow link policy, Medium can be a source of valuable referral traffic. It's also a highly respected site, with brand recognition and authority.


Buzz-Worthy Content Gets Noticed

strikingly accepts a wide range of article categories and its large audience makes it a prime location for disseminating information and building an online footprint.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

Articles on strikingly are well-optimized for search engines and the site's domain authority can give your backlinks a considerable SEO boost.


Where Passion Meets Publication

articleted is particularly popular for its location-specific content. This site is a great choice for writers who want to focus on news and events in their local area.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

With its local focus, articleted can be an excellent platform for local SEO and attracting a geographically-specific audience.


Your Gateway to Online Visibility

bloglovin provides an easily accessible platform for publishing content. It's known for its quick review and publishing times, making it a choice for time-sensitive material.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

The site's speed and the flexibility of publishing frequency give SEO professionals the ability to adjust their content strategy on the fly.


The Community Site

Seeking tumblr specifically on financial and investment commentary and analysis, catering to those interested in finance and investment-related content.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

Financial backlinks are highly valuable and Seeking tumblr user base is filled with potential leads for financial services and products.


Submit and Share Your Quality Content

evernote is a more general article submission site that covers a broad range of topics. Its easy submission process makes it a convenient choice for publishing content quickly.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

evernote user-friendly platform encourages frequent content publishing, which can support a consistent backlink strategy.


The City of Articles... And Opportunity

patreon is another generalist site, welcoming content from a variety of fields. It boasts a large selection of categories, offering plenty of room for diverse content.

Benefits for SEO Professionals

With its many and diverse categories, patreon is ideal for SEO professionals who need to accommodate a wide range of client needs within one submission platform.

When utilizing these sites for article submissions, it’s crucial to remember several best practices. Always match your content to the site's existing categories and audience interests. Ensure articles are high-quality, error-free, and provide genuine value to readers. Avoid overly promotional language. And of course, include a relevant, contextual backlink to your website within the article.

In conclusion, incorporating these top 10 article submission sites into your SEO strategy can significantly enhance your website's authority and ranking. However, diligent research and strategic content planning are key. By choosing the right platforms and crafting valuable articles, SEO professionals can drive organic traffic, boost online visibility, and ultimately achieve the coveted first page on search engine results.

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